Regie Biri GameFarm

Imported Bloodlines:

  • Herman Pinnon Yellow Legged Hatch (YLH) bred by Bruce Jones
  • Carol & Chris NeSmith Left Nose Possum Sweater
  • Carol & Chris NeSmith Right Nose Yellow Legged Hatch (Stuart-YLH)
  • Dink Fair Sweater- Dink Fair
  • Dan Gray Roundhead Larry Whitehead
  • Pure JR BELT Cowan Roundhead Riverview Gamefarm---Now in my backyard..
  • First Filial Generation Offspring (F1) of Authentic and Quality Breeding materials.
  • Joe Sanford Pure Sweater pullet
  • Joe Sanford Sweater/Oakgrove Hatch
  • Dink Fair Sweater/McLean Yellow Legged Hatch (YLH)-Both broodstags and pullet are courtesy of Bro June "Castle" Picazo.

Local Bloodline:

  • Lemon Batchoy Greys (Winning Line-) Until now our Lemon Batchoy Greys are still winning and can still cope with the demand of today's modern generation of gamefowl.